If 2022 taught us anything, it's that events are well and truly back. Demand for in-person events across virtually all categories roared back to life this year, with bookings and attendees growing at rapid rates.

While people from all walks of life are keen to get back to the exciting, memorable events that make work and play worthwhile, it's worth noting that not all events are created equal.

In order to truly make your event unforgettable, you can learn a thing or two from professional event venue designers. Here are some insider tips and tricks for transforming your space, as told by the pros. 

Event Venue Designers Love a Theme

The golden rule of event venue design is to have a coherent theme and stick to it. Whether it's wedding design, gala design, or business conference design, your planning should start and end with a theme.

There are many directions to go in. You could opt for a space-age theme, a nature-based theme, a Western theme, or a theme that celebrates a particular city, country, or region.

Once you nail your theme, you can start filling your event venue with the touches that will bring it to life. 

Prioritize the "Wow" Factor

Any event designer will tell you that all you need is one single "wow" factor to make an event or a space truly memorable. This does not have to be a million-dollar installation.

You just need something noticeable, unconventional, and fun to draw attention and get people talking.

For example, the immersive brand experiences offered by the event designer include vivid, life-sized props that can dominate a space and bring a theme to life immediately. Consider these sorts of low-effort, high-impact solutions for your event. 

Lighting is Everything

Another bedrock of good event design is lighting. No matter how dull or drab your venue is, the right lighting can take your guests to another world and make any atmosphere possible.

Lighting can add drama, excitement, and glamor to any event while also covering up any features of your space that might detract from the vibe you are going for.

Always use a professional lighting company wherever your budget allows for it. Trust us; this is always worth it. 

Focus on Small Touches

When you design an event, it can be easy to focus on the big, dramatic features. However, it is often the small touches that will resonate with guests and bring your theme together.

Think about social areas in your venue, such as clusters of seating. Consider how small touches such as decoration, interactive installations, or furnishings can turn those spaces into places where people want to be.

Also, don't forget to add these touches to the less obvious areas of your venue, such as bathrooms, coat check rooms, or even elevators. This is how you really go the extra mile and leave a lasting impression. 

Make an Impact with Your Business in 2023

Event venue designers have the wisdom to turn your next business occasion into a high-impact event that your stakeholders will love.

For more insider tips on how to make the impact you want to achieve in 2023, we have got you covered.

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