With the Coronavirus pandemic and school lockdowns, many kids aren't getting outside as much as they should.

Their level of physical activity and mental stimulation are both important parts of their growth and development. They also help keep kids on a healthy and balanced path into adulthood.

Making sure your kids play outside. With a little guidance and effort from you, it can become a positive part of their day and their life. Let's learn more about the importance of outdoor kids' play, and some tips for getting your kids outside, safely and happily.

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Create an Outdoor Adventure

Encouraging your children to play outside is essential for children's development and a great way to get them moving. Start by setting up an outdoor play area with activities that interest your children. Visit the local park so they can experience different environments or find a nearby nature spot and explore.

Make an effort to play with your children outside by engaging in activities together. You can set up an obstacle course, practice bike riding, or create a scavenger hunt. Every day, suggest an outdoor activity and make it a habit.

Help your children brainstorm ideas for outdoor fun and look for different opportunities to be active.

Instilling a Love of Nature in Your Kids

Encourage your children to play outdoor children's games in nature. Show your kids the beauty of nature, it will help them to appreciate it more and they will want to explore further. Spending time outside also helps to boost creativity and physical activity.

Gardening and building outdoors can help to provide structure. It encourages them to play and create in natural spaces. Another way to instill a love of nature in your kids is to begin a wildlife project at home or in your backyard.

With lots of opportunities to explore, observe, and learn, your children will build a lifelong connection with the outdoors.

Turn Yard Time Into Quality Time as a Family

Make outdoor play by setting aside at least one hour of play every day. Use positive reinforcement and set realistic expectations. Let them take ownership of their outdoor play by providing supervision with minimal direction.

When everything is done, have a debriefing and share what each of you enjoyed most from the day. This can turn into quality family time as you learn more about one another.

Establish a Routine for Outdoor Fun Time

Establishing a routine for an outdoor can be done by picking specific days and times. Make sure to let your children know when the outdoor adventures will occur. Get kids outside and take a nature walk, play hide and seek, have a picnic, set up an outdoor obstacle course, or build a fort in the backyard.

Provide age-appropriate materials and invite them to be creative while playing. Make sure to shop circular trampolines, ride your bicycle, fly a kite, or do some star gazing. Make outdoor fun time a family bonding activity as much as possible, showing them how much fun it can be.

Encourage Your Children to Play Outside Starting Today

Spending time outside promotes healthy growth and development, allowing children to explore their creativity while nurturing important physical and spiritual growth.

Give your children the opportunity to play outside, and watch as they become more engaged and excited about life. Embrace the outdoors and enjoy special moments with your children. So, why wait? Get outside and encourage your children to explore!

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